Controversy Plagues School Mental Health Screening by Kelli Kennedy (Miami, FL)

After his father was diagnosed with cancer, a 15-year-old Champaign, Ill., teen started skipping school, erupting in angry outbursts, yelling at teachers and punching holes in walls or retreating to his room paralyzed by an overwhelming sadness.

When the teen’s assistant principal approached him a few months ago about seeking help for mental illness, the student initially declined, saying he didn’t need it. However, eventually he did seek treatment. Diagnosed with major depressive disorder, he joined group therapy sessions at his school.

As stories about increasing school violence dominate headlines, experts say many teens are struggling with untreated mental illness. Yet, school officials around the country are themselves grappling with the best way to offer mental health services in a patchwork, underfunded system. Read More...

My Medication Workbook

Written by Gary G.F. Yorke, PhD and illustrated by Ginny Campbell. My Medication Workbook is designed for children ages 6 through 12 who are prescribed psychotropic medication. Children who use this workbook will learn how medication works, why they are being prescribed medication, and how to talk to their doctor about medication.





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A game for young children that is fun to play and will increase visual discrimination skills. This game can be enjoyed by one child and used as 5 individual facial expression puzzles or it can be played as a game with 2 to 5 players. Ages 3+.

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